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The Wheelhouse Mission

Wheelhouse exists to realize architect-driven homes with intention.

What exactly does "architect-driven" mean?

The vast majority of homes built today are based on plans produced by non-architect designers and don't involve an architect in the construction process. 

The average set of residential plans is very limited in scope;  more often than not, builders and tradesmen are left to fend for themselves when it comes to making decisions about how to execute plan details.  They are also afforded the freedom to choose their approach to construction based on speed and profitability.  The result is a residential construction market where an architect's presence is unfamiliar at best and often viewed as intrusive and inconvenient by builders and tradesmen.

At Wheelhouse, our approach is based on the idea that in order for an architect's plans to be realized successfully, the builder must truly appreciate the design and welcome the opportunity to assure that every detail is executed as drawn.  An architect's design represents a substantial investment for the client, so a key role for the builder is to assure a client's return on their investment by assuring that the architect's intent is realized.  Driving successful realization of architect-driven homes is the core of our mission at Wheelhouse.

What exactly does "with intention" mean?

At Wheelhouse, intention begins with the pre-construction service process, where we develop a thorough understanding of every plan detail in terms of material selections, construction processes, time and cost before breaking ground.  In this way, we are able to offer clients fixed-price contracts with precise completion date.  Once construction is underway, intention continues with the careful and exacting execution of every plan detail.  Ambiguities are addressed with the architect and client to assure that design decisions are all made in alignment with the architect's vision.

Wheelhouse welcomes complex and demanding projects from clients and architects whose commitment to excellence matches our own.